About the castle

While walking the roads winding beneath the foothills of the Little Carpathians, perhaps we don’t even realize that from the hilltops, there are numerous castle ruins looking down upon us. Of some, only barely visible rubble remains, for others, you have to know their precise location to spot the crumbling walls of former strongholds through the thick forest. The Plavecký castle is different, though. Its white walls and towers shine on the background of the dark woods and standing there, on the rocky hilltop rising from the massif into the valley, no one can overlook it.

For centuries, it has stood in its place and dominated the vast area of the Záhorie lowland, which made it become an inseparable part of the Little Carpathian mountain range silhouette. Thanks to its location, the well-preserved ruin is not only a sought out tourist lookout into the surrounding area but for a more sensitive observer, it is first and foremost an open book to the history of the castle and its gradual changes, having taken place throughout its almost five hundred year long history of existence.