When castles lost their masters, they also lost their protectors and investors. Ruins – memories of the building craftsmanship of our ancestors – often disappear in thick forests and, stone after stone, they fall down into river valleys, as if they were cursed. Ruins of castles of the Middle Ages are our cultural heritage. Even though these massive stone structures have long lost their purpose and glory, they still can attract masses of visitors and admirers. They mostly play a central part in the history of the area they stand in and still dominate the land. That is why castles will always remain symbols of Slovak regions.


A great “Thank you” for the following donators

I would also like to inform you that a sponsor was found – Prince Pascal G.F.V. Ergo, who since 2013 contributes a yearly amount of € 20,000 for the reconstruction of the castle.

So, wishes came true, and another sponsor – Mr. Jan Kocisek from Vienna, who re-donated as much as in 2014, and in 2015 to rescue the castle 500 € was found. Since Kocisek is devoting himself to the production of facsimiles of classical works, (facsimile is a mechanical reproduction of a text or image template that, after using all available means and techniques, perfectly imitates the inner and outer features of the original and thus replaces it in the right way) He is also interested in the history of our castle. And when he saw that the work to rescue the castle really began, he decided to support our activity.

Even in 2016 there were sponsors who contributed to the reconstruction of the castle. In particular, Prince Pascal contributed € 5,000, PEMASS s.r.o. Plavecké Podhradie amounting to 500 €, the company SIEMENS s.r.o. through the Pontis Foundation, € 300. Of course, even those who have contributed with their own work can not be forgotten. Thank you very much.

Even in 2017, there were sponsors who contributed to the castle’s restoration. Specifically, Prince Pascal contributed € 5,000, Mr. Jan Kocisek from Vienna, who spent € 1000 on the rescue of the castle.