Location and access

The castle stands above the village of Plavecké Podhradie, situated some 20 kilometers to the east of Malacky, directly on main road 501 Lozorno – Jablonica. The ascend to the castle from the village takes about 30 minutes. Access is provided by a tourist path marked blue, winding through the forest of the Pohanská hillside towards the saddle to the south of the castle. From there, the ascend continues to the Amon meadow, around the former Pálffy hunting lodge Monrepos and further to Klokoč hill, where a sign points directly to the castle. The tourist path marked blue leads further to the foothill of Pohánska, from where you can climb up to the top of the hill and its hill fort. In the saddle, to the left of the path, we can see the remains of a rectangular structure, apparently part of the castle structures.