Entering the Castle

Ascending the final part of the access path, we are presented with a gradually appearing wall of the outer fortification (10) with narrow shooting positions, widening to the outside, used for hand-held firing arms and on the right side, we see the corner cannon turret (11). Directly above the path, the turret cranks sharply. Under this corner, the first entry gate used to stand (1). Today, the only remaining part is a wall segment to the right of the path. On it, the remains of the beam structure may still be seen that support the walling, as well as other elements, apparently used to house the moving wooden latch securing the castle gate. On the left side, we can see the remainder of the semi circular turret with shooting positions (2), along which we enter the area of the ante-gate (3), enclosed between the tall wall of the outer castle fortification and the shorter turret with three shooting positions pointing to the slope below the gate.

The ante-gate leads to the three-story entry gate tower (4), which originally had a guard station above the gateway as well as a further defense story with a shooting position. On the internal walls of the tower gate, even today, the remains of the beam ceiling can be seen, and on the right (eastern) wall of the second story, we can see plaster with the imprint of a former furnace heating the guard station (Picture 1).

Room above the gateway of the entry gate tower

  1. remains of the beam ceiling of the 2nd story
  2. beam supporting the walling
  3. furnace
  4. seats remaining after beams of the original 1st story

Picture 1 – Room above the gateway of the entry gate tower

1. Ante gate gate
2. Ante-gate turret
3. Ante-gate
4. Castle tower gate
5., 6. Western castle outwork walls
7. Housing building
8. Gate to the southern castle outwork
9., 10. Southern castle outwork walls
11. South eastern castle outwork cannon turret
12. Defensive wall of the upper castle
13. Upper castle entry gate
14., 15., 16. Upper castle walls
17. Upper castle eastern turret
18. Upper castle cannon turret
19. Housing tower
20. Agricultural structure
21. Housing building
22. Castle palace
23. Tower
24. Tower extension
25. Cistern