Place of research: Plavecké Podhradie
Location: Plavecký Castle
Research lead: Mário Bielich
Year of research: 2017
Type of research: archaeology research
Type of location: castle
Age determination: early prehistoric ages, late middle ages, modern ages

Research results

The first season of the archaeologic research of Plavecky Castle took place in 2017. This year, we have discovered two objects of the castle: 1. Entry bridge to the top castle through bridge pillar at west court (probe 1); 2. Entry to the west palace from the south (probe 2); 3. Research of the room of the east part of the north palace (probe 3). The research has been done in cooperation with the civil association Plavecký hrad under the lead of Mgr. Milan Kousal. The research has been supported by the Belgian scout troop under the lead of Pascal Erga.

The probe 1 identified two bearing pillars of the entry bridge at the west court, which identified entry road to the castle. The probe 2 caught the imprints of the wooden doorframe and wooden doorstep of the south entry opening of north palace, which included a stone arch. The probe 3 identified a wagon-vault of the interior in a room at the north-west part of the north palace.

During the research, several objects of the material culture have been discovered, which represented life at the castle during 17th – 18th century The ceramic material included bits of La Téne ceramic, which were probably related to the nearby castle Pohanska. The research of Plavecky Castle in 2017 brought a lot of new information about the construction development of the selected objects of the castle.


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