Plavecký castle – Reconstruction 2014

Reinforcement activities of the selected objects of Plavecký Castle 2014

Total view at Gate Tower after static securing works in 2014

2013 was a ground-breaking year for Plavecký Castle, particularly because after more than 300 years, the caste objects have been restored and statically reinforced and the brickwork has started to increase rather than decrease. In the past years, static and architectonic-historic research of the selected objects has been performed.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of the SR via the grant program “Restore your House”, a successful securing activities could continue in 2014 as well, namely on the object of Gate Tower and Garderobe of the west outer bailey of the palace.

Gate Tower

Gate Tower is a three-floor renaissance object belonging among the most preserved parts of the castle. Its most conserved parts are east, west and south external wall. From the point of view of its total stability or risk of damage, the most unstable was the south (entry) external wall of the tower, as well as its west wall, which was rather statically affected. In 2013, the cavern was maintained in the volume of 1,5 m3 in the wall foundation, which stabilised the entire east wall of the tower and prevented its possible destruction. In 2014, static damage was maintained on its south and west wall, which required 15 m3 of new masonry work.

Removal of roots of the wind pollination vegetation and disassembly and clearing of the wall to sound foundation

In July and August 2014, the works at the west wall of the Gate Tower started, which included in masonry reconstruction of the destructed part in the volume of 12 m3, including renovation of the window aperture and its wooden frame on the 2nd floor and frame pockets on the 2nd and 3rd floor. For the given works, it was necessary to build scaffolding in the exterior up to 16 m of height and 10 m from the interior part to stabilise the tower.

After stabilisation of the west wall, the works continued on its south wall, where a tuff stone amorphous portal made of the original material was partially added on the left side in order to keep it as authentic as possible. Firstly, right scuntion of the gate was prepared and then the foundation for the wall protection on the left side, which was manufactured as a copy of the restored wall protection on the right side made of the limestone. After settlement of the masonry, an oak headboard was installed in the original foundation and the overhead of the gate was brick worked in the volume of 2 m3, which statically stabilised the entire wall, since it was already a danger to visitor of the Plavecký castle due to its unstable nature.

Since Plavecký castle is located in rather inaccessible terrain, the last 150 m required manual transport up to the castle, as well as 400 kg headboard and other material and tools.

West outer bailey palace garderobe

An object of the renaissance garderobe was statically unstable due to damaged scuntions and missing crown of arch, due to which a collapse of the wall over the garderobe was expected, also due to cracks in the masonry. Static reinforcement involved in completion of scuntions, renovation of the window sill and insertion of the wooden console of the garderobe. Subsequently, missing crown of arch was renewed and missing masonry was supplemented over the crown of arch.

Plavecký Hrad